The Great Strike of 1917

The Great Strike Of 1917

The Great Strike of 1917, an original podcast by the City of Sydney, tells the story of one of Australia’s largest industrial conflicts through the voices of the people who lived it. This podcast marks 100 years since the Great Strike took place, when thousands of workers downed tools and one seventh of Sydney’s population protested in the streets. Hear why the strike erupted, how it divided communities and shaped political consciousness for decades to come.

Executive Producer Miles Martignoni
Sound Engineer Martin Peralta

Length: 23 minutes
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View archival images from The Great Strike and learn more about one of the biggest strikes the nation forgot.

Oral histories courtesy of the National Library of Australia
Dorothy Beckhouse, interviewed by Judy Wing, 26/8/1987, ORAL TRC 2301/109
Leslie Best, interviewed by Lucy Taksa, 8/12/1987, ORAL TRC 2301/178
Eleanor Butt, interviewed by John Shields, 15/4/1978, ORAL TRC 2301/38
Foreman Crawford, interviewed by Inge Reibe, 27/07/1987 & 5/8/1987, ORAL TRC 2301/139
Arthur Emblem, interviewed by Gwen McGregor, 30/01/1988, ORAL TRC 2301/186
Gwen Green, interviewed by Brenda Factor, 12/07/1987, ORAL TRC 2301/79
Bernie Johnston, interviewed by Catherine Johnson, 25/08/1987, ORAL TRC 2301/115
John Mongan, interviewed by Lucy Taksa, 19/03/1987, ORAL TRC 2301/35
Bill O’Neill, interviewed by Richard Raxworthy, 1986, ORAL TRC 1948/22
Marj Reston, interviewed by Brenda Factor, 3/8/1987, ORAL TRC 2301/118
Edna Ryan, interviewed by Lucy Taksa, 19/10/1987, ORAL TRC 2301/156
Aida Salmon, interviewed by Josie Castle, 29/7/1987, ORAL TRC 2301/97
Hazel Walker, interviewed by Judy Wing, 2/11/1987, ORAL TRC 2301/165